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No matter what, or who you've been.


I love art


I promised I’d get him a kitten

why do teenage boys care about if a girl is a virgin or not like are you that eager to be the first to disappoint me 



These are their stories.



Thank God for agnosticism… maybe 

"I’m not the same everyday. There are times where I’m loud and chatty, and there are times when I’m really quiet. I don’t think I can define myself."

(via suicidal-dreaminq)

"Mirkwood more like Jerkwood,"

Thorin probably (via lotrswaggins)

Part 1/_ of the Mirkwood Elves

(This is stupid but here it is) Having observed Tauriel and Kili, Thranduil’s overall dislike of Dwarves manifests its way into their conversation and he unexpectedly gives Legolas an education of what he does and does not find rude.



Sorry gotta take this

the only cat call I want to receive tbh

Sammie. GVSU Senior. Theater major. Movie freak. Master procrastinator.

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